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What is Knockerball?
Knockerball is the industry leading bubble soccer brand that is taking the nation by storm! Now in Baltimore for your enjoyment. You'll feel virtually indestructible and fearless due to the Grade A protection that the ball provides. Each ball is made with a durable material and filled with air which absorbs any contact a "Knockerballer" would make with another baller or the ground, leaving the person in the ball safe and secure. With 2 handles, shoulder straps and a waist buckle on the inside, "ballers" are in full control of the ball while being securely strapped in place.

Knockerball Sizes:
Balls come in 3 sizes (adult, preteen/teenager and small child). Their are no age limits, however the size of your ball is determined by your height. Children as young as 7 and adults as old as 60 have Balled Out with us, so this means fun for the entire family!

If you don't have a location to hold your Knockerball event we'll find a perfect indoor or outdoor spot for you and your team to Ball out at. What are you waiting for?? Contact us today so you can be the next one to "Get in the Ball"

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